Any foundation, from standard strip to raft can be set out, dug, reinforced, and poured.

Due to the wide variety of ground conditions that can be encountered, we can advise clients on the most cost effective design of foundation for their particular application.

Finished Floor

Finished to the customer’s requirements. Hand or power floated as necessary. SR1, SR2 and SR3 finish where required.

Depending on the energy rating you require, we can advise you on the different types of floor insulation that are availiable.

Retaining Walls

Small to medium sized mass concrete retaining walls and associated foundations.

Typical uses include site boundaries where a difference in grade is present.

Sub Floor

Used where the final finished floor is less than 150mm.

Typically used in conjunction with underfloor heating in the finished floor screed.

Decorative Concrete

Stenciled concrete has recently been added to our list of concrete services.
Especially suitable for driveways, patio areas and footpaths, stencilled concrete creates the same visual impact as brick or stone paving but without the drawback of regular maintenance and is more cost effective. A wide selection of patterns and colours are available.


Both residential and commercial applications catered for. All preparatory work included.