Water Supply

Both residential and commercial applications catered for.

All connections and testing (where necessary) to local authority specification.


Typical installations include electricity ducting, provision for outdoor lighting, remote access gateways and services run between buildings

Waste Water Treatment Systems

Installation of any wastewater treatment system for a new home or commercial premises can be undertaken with connection to either a new or existing system.

Associated ducting for power also installed.

Sewerage / Drainage

Both residential and commercial applications catered for.

Storm and foul water drains are run normally upon completion of external plastering. Installation of septic tank usually coincides with this.

Testing (where required) to local government specification.

Polishing Filters

Typically a series of trenches or excavated area in which filter media is placed to further reduce bacterial and nutrient contamination from a wastewater treatment unit.

Depending on site constraints, sand polishing filters can also be constructed